Miracles Happen Everyday

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Unlocking your child’s “superpower”

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Therapy services at Children’s Village

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Family Nutrition Education classes for Children’s Village families  

The WSU Extension office will be hosting a “Family Nutrition Education” class open to any interested Children’s Village families. The weekly class will be a 10-week series begin on Friday, January 30, 2015. Classes will be held every Friday night in  Barn A at Children’s Village from 6:30-8:00PM (free childcare will be provided!).

Nutrition Education Flier-page-001

Individuals who are interested in participating need to contact Felix Espinoza (Nutrition Educator) at 509-823-9175 or email felix.espinoza@wsu.edu to sign up for the class. Those who attend the FREE classes will also have a chance to try some delicious food and will be given FREE take-home items. Please see the attached flier and spread the word about this great opportunity.

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My Miracle

by Amy Berkheimer

My husband and I each had dreams about what our child might achieve in life. When I saw Eli’s long, beautiful fingers in the ultrasound, I thought I might have a piano player in the house. When my husband heard how much Eli weighed, he envisioned his son being a linebacker on the football team. We neither one got what we had dreamed about. We got way more!
Having my baby spend time in the NICU altered the course of my life. When my 10 lb 5 oz baby boy was born, not breathing, and it took them 18 minutes to resuscitate him, it set me on a path I never could have imagined. I spent seven years at a great job, crunching numbers and paying bills, then going home each night to our cats and dogs. I worked until three days before Eli was born, and intended to go back to work part time after my maternity leave, and continue on with life as I knew it, plus a bundle of joy!

Turns out, my plan was not to be. Eli suffered a brain injury at birth, called HIE or Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, and was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. His life is complicated, and we’ve spent so many nights in the hospital, that I’m losing count. It’s those nights in the NICU, and Pediatric Unit that have made me realize how lucky we are to have the talented and gifted staff at Yakima Memorial Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. From their amazing parent support they offered during Eli’s early days, when so much was unknown; to return visits to the Pediatric Unit for RSV, colds, and dehydration, where they remember us and are excited to see how Eli is doing. They’ve become like extended family.

Because of our three weeks spent in Yakima’s NICU, I decided I wanted to give back somehow. I became a hospital volunteer and was able to visit with parents in the NICU when they were beginning their journey into the unknown. I got to decorate the bulletin board that welcomed parents as they came to visit their babies, and I got to continue friendships with the wonderful staff members I had grown to love during Eli’s stay.

When Eli was six, I became a Memorial Hospital employee and now work at Children’s Village, where I continue to offer support to parents. I also help coordinate and facilitate a recreation program for children with disabilities and special needs.

I’m a long way from that girl that used to sit in a cubicle with a calculator. I’m a long way from that mom taking her kids to piano lessons, too. What I am is one of the luckiest moms in the world. I am Eli’s mom. I am a mom to a boy who is brave, and strong, and full of smiles and laughs, and is the toughest kid I know. He has been through so much in his 9 years on this earth. I watch him with awe, as he faces every new challenge with joy and every hospital stay with IV’s and tests, without flinching. I marvel at how simple life can be if you just slow down and enjoy the beauty of a boy that stays positive even when things aren’t going his way. I couldn’t have custom ordered a better kid!

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Dutch Bros. Coffee of Yakima donates $1,723 .85 to Children’s Village

On Friday we had the pleasure of meeting Chris Hodge, Regional Manager of Dutch Bros. who presented Children’s Village with a check for $1,723.85! These funds were raised on December 5th during Dutch Bros. annual “Buck for Kids Day.” For ever drink sold, they donated $1 to Children’s Village.   Thank you Dutch Bros. Coffee of Yakima and thank you to our community for drinking coffee AND supporting Children’s Village at the same time!

Dutch Bro Donation

Also, Chris has  agreed to serve on the Parent to Parent Advisory Board. He is a huge supporter of Parent to Parent and is very excited to be a part of the board.



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Giving Tuesday

When Angel first came to Children’s Village, his brittle bones prevented him from being able to stand on his own. Certainly, he could not walk…

Now, three years later, he is able to do both all by himself. This is the kind of magic that happens at Children’s Village. With his improved movement and having gain the ability to walk on his own, Angel’s face illuminates with pride.

On Tuesday, December 2, Children’s Village invites you to play a role in making stories like Angel’s come true for other children within our community. By investing in the programs and services at Children’s Village, you are making stories, just like Angel’s, possible every day… because you are making these programs and services available in our community.

Join us in being a part of a global celebration, while making an impact locally… this #GivingTuesday, make your gift in support of Children’s Village. Help to continue making stories like Angel’s possible in Yakima.


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Drink coffee, support Children’s Village

By Mary Lynne Brewington

As I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, during this season of thanks, I get a excited thinking about the great day coming Friday, December 5th at Dutch Bros Coffee in Yakima.  Dutch Bros Coffee will be sponsoring a toy drive for Parent to Parent’s Annual Holiday Festival at Children’s Village. For every new toy donated they will give a card good for a free coffee on your next visit. This is so important because we will be giving away over 250 toys at our three holiday festivals for children with special health care needs and their siblings this December!

That same day, Dutch Bros of Yakima will be hosting “Buck for Kids Day” on Friday, December 5th. For each drink sold, Dutch Bros of Yakima will donate $1.00 to Children’s Village.

Come have some coffee and show your support Friday, December 5, 2014! How awesome is that? I begin to add up all the coffee I drink in a day and wonder how much that could raise for “Buck for Kids Day” in support of Children’s Village. I think quite a lot if everyone stops and gets a coffee there on this special day!

Dutch Bros Coffee is open 4:30am-11:00pm and located at 6520 W. Nob Hill Blvd. So, plan your visit for Friday, December 5th and enjoy your coffee, while supporting Children’s Village. For more information call Children’s Village at  574-3200.

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A grateful father

At a recent home visit, this father shared his appreciation about the care his child is receiving. He has been having physical therapy for several months for delayed motor skills.

“Our physical therapist from Children’s Village  is wonderful!  Her personality…bubbly….good information…happy face.  She comes to our home and interacts with our child.  She shows me how he needs to stand and how to support him.  She’s really good at showing positions.  She demonstrates and then shows me how to do it.  She watches me do it and then makes suggestions.  She’s always bringing a new toy to interest him.  She communicates with him and talks to him.  I would feel comfortable with her helping any of my children.  She’s good at explaining why it is important to  do certain things with him and how it will help him.  The first time she came to our home, we worked on crawling.  She showed me how to put toys or his cup away so he had to crawl to get it…”


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Angel is reaching new heights at Children’s Village!

Angel has been receiving physical therapy with Alison Longbottom, PT, PCS  for many years at Children’s Village. When he was very young, he was  afraid to move and he would not let Alison touch him.

But over the years, they have developed quite a friendship! Angel is a very happy little guy; he comes for physical therapy with Alison at Children’s Village on Friday afternoons.  He experiences brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta)  which causes his bones to break easily.

Angel 1 Angel 2

A year ago, during his therapy appointment with Alison, he achieved a big milestone by standing on his own. But that was outdone this week by a new milestone—walking not only with his walker but many steps on his own.

To practice walking, Alison develops games for Angel to play that require him to walk.  Playing darts or Candyland are two ways walking has been incorporated into a fun game.  Angel glows  with pride at the success he experiences with improving his movement.

For more information on the services provided at Children’s Village click here or call (509) 574-3200.

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