13-year-old competes in the state prep diving and swimming championships

Tristan was 5-months-old when diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused uncontrollable seizures.  He endured hundreds of seizures every day even with the help of medications and chemotherapy.  Doctors at Children’s Hospital explained that unless they removed the left side of Tristan’s brain, the seizures would eventually kill him. The solution was a 4-hour hemispherectomy surgery.

From the beginning, Tristan has exhibited an internal strength that is astounding. There was a chance the surgery would prevent him from ever walking or talking, but the 13-year-old is an athletic, talkative teenager who loves karate, gymnastics, soccer, basketball and swimming.

Part of Tristan’s therapy at Children’s Village was in the pool.  Tristan learned multiple swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly) at Children’s Village. Swimming increased his strength in his affected side and he is now able to swim better than some of his peers.  His mom plans to sign him up for swimming when he begins high school in Selah this fall.

Tristan’s dad has shared that the first time he ever saw Tristan smile was when he was in the pool at Children’s Village at the age of 8 years old.

Read more about Tristan in the Yakima Herald Republic here: http://bit.ly/1lfruxF

Way to go Tristan!

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