Girls Social Group at Children’s Village

Through the Behavior Assessment Team at Children’s Village, the Girls Social Group has been a unique experience for four girls to go from being shy to supporting each other and speaking their minds. The goal for the group is to provide a safe place for girls to learn how to share their thoughts, build friendships, learn about their emotions, hygiene, and coping in anxious situations, and how to understand others’ perspective.
As a group, several difficult situations were identified and explored for solutions and adaptive techniques were taught.

An achievement from the session was how willing all of the girls were in sharing their thoughts with one another and how supportive they were. It was incredible to see two girls build a strong bond because they both felt like an outcast. By the end of the group, they had become best friends. One participant commented that, “I love coming to the group, I learn in a fun way, and my parents get to spend time with me after the group. It is a day for me, only me.”

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