Alaska Airlines Experience

Last summer, the Parent to Parent program at Children’s Village offered an opportunity for our daughter, Priscilla to go to the Yakima Airport. We hadn’t flown before and wondered what it would be like as our daughter is a wheelchair user. We went thru TSA screening and waited to board the plane. We were loaded first and Priscilla had to be transferred to a mobile aisle chair. Then they put a ramp to the airplane and wheeled her on backwards. Once we were onboard, Priscilla was then transferred to her seat. The flight crew came over to ensure she was comfortable, then everyone else was able to board the plane. They closed the door, started the engines and taxied the runway.

This was a big deal for us! I was worried she would scream to go home and I was curious to see how she would behave. This opportunity allowed us a practice run to see what to expect and what we might need to fly. This Spring Priscilla was awarded a wish trip to Orlando, Florida. We discussed with her the travel plans and Priscilla knew what to expect. On the date of travel she was so excited! The flight was 6½ hours long and she was amazing! Thank you Parent to Parent and Alaska Airlines for allowing us this learning opportunity!

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