Angel is reaching new heights at Children’s Village!

Angel has been receiving physical therapy with Alison Longbottom, PT, PCS  for many years at Children’s Village. When he was very young, he was  afraid to move and he would not let Alison touch him.

But over the years, they have developed quite a friendship! Angel is a very happy little guy; he comes for physical therapy with Alison at Children’s Village on Friday afternoons.  He experiences brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta)  which causes his bones to break easily.

Angel 1 Angel 2

A year ago, during his therapy appointment with Alison, he achieved a big milestone by standing on his own. But that was outdone this week by a new milestone—walking not only with his walker but many steps on his own.

To practice walking, Alison develops games for Angel to play that require him to walk.  Playing darts or Candyland are two ways walking has been incorporated into a fun game.  Angel glows  with pride at the success he experiences with improving his movement.

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