Autism Camp: Camp SOS


Children’s Village is excited to launch a Social Skills Institute or Camp SOS (Socially Outstanding Super Agents) summer of 2012. This project is part of the collaboration brought together by the Autism Oversight Community and funded by the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust grant Children’s Village received in November 2011. The grant provides funding to develop best practices and create collaboration within the community to streamline and enhance services for children with Autism.

Camp SOS is a pilot program focused on social skills training to enhance a child’s skills in the areas of social engagement, ‘social thinking,’ and emotional regulation. The camp is a two-part program: working with children and their parents to translate skills they are learning in therapy sessions and in school and translating them to community settings such as a public pool, the library or movie theater.

The second part of Camp SOS is to develop community-wide training curriculum that could eventually be made available to school teachers and administrators, occupational and speech therapists or any other providers who regularly interact with children who have Autism.

Camp SOS will involve six local children ages 8 to 12-years-old. Their parents will also participate in a parents group, learning right alongside their children.
“This is a hugely exciting opportunity for Children’s Village and our larger community,” Cindy Carroll, Autism specialist and Speech Therapist said. “What we care most about is developing positive outcomes for children with Autism and developing programs that not only help kids but those who work with these awesome kids is key.”

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