Say Hello to Ava – Today’s Passenger

Ava2Say hello to Ava. Ava is on the Autism Spectrum and has a Sensory Processing Disorder. She has been a patient at Yakima’s Children’s Village where the program and services offered there have made a tremendous difference in the lives of her and her parents. Today, she is Mr. Dolsen’s passenger.

Ava’s mother tells her story:

“As parents, we knew there was something quirky about her but our friends and family didn’t see it. Our first visit to Behavioral Health Team (BAT) was simply an evaluation, and as I left the therapist assured me that Ava’s issues were not just in my mind! In a few months, we were regularly seen in behavioral therapy.”

You can read more of Ava’s story by visiting the Cape Horn for Kids website at, and while you’re there, click on GIVE to make a contribution in support of Children’s Village so the very programs and services that have helped Ava and her family can be sustained into the future and be available to local children for generations to come.

Remember, it is the generous contributions, made by people like yourself, which sustain these programs and services at Children’s Village. Without you, they would not exist in our community.

You can help a local child, just like Ava, right now – support Cape Horn for Kids today!

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  1. Ryan Mundell says:

    Ava and her family are all very special people. Thank you for featuring them on your site!

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