Cabela’s Camp Day

Wednesday, July 20th, the children spent part of the day at the Central Washington Agricultural Museum in Union Gap. The children got to hop in a trolley towed behind a tractor and a tour of all the real authentic farm equipment, learning about the types of tools and devices used throughout the Yakima Valley in its history of farming.

It created the best discussions! To have settled in the area way back when, and not have the conveniences we have today. You could never be sick or take a vacation. I mean, who would take care of the animals and the farm? They had equipment from Rimrock Lake, old apple sorting lines, trucks, tractors, hay balers, wooden wheels, and more.

Cabela's Kids ClubEach child got multiple turns at shooting the arrows at these floating balls, which were actually quite difficult to hit. The children had fun perfecting their archery skills.

After making fox masks at the arts and crafts table, the children got to enjoy eating hotdogs and having messy, delicious s’mores!

For the few brave souls, there was an opportunity to take a picture sitting in the saddle of a real horse. It was a great day at a beautiful location having fun with friends. A huge thank you to Cabela’s and the Central Washington Ag Museum for helping to make our day so unique and memorable!

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