Camp S.O.S. at Children’s Village

Another fantastic year of Camp S.O.S has drawn to a close for the boys at Children’s Village. This camp is composed of eight outstanding guys, otherwise known as Socially Outstanding Super-agents, who go to school in the Yakima Valley and frequently visit the Village. The boys participated in a range of fun activities, from Children’s Village to Meadowbrook arcade. Some of them even experienced their first time at a movie theater! Last Wednesday, the boys wrapped it all up with lunch at Red Robin.


The bond shared by these boys was not your ordinary friendship. While each of them has their own unique personalities and strengths, they all live a life on the autism spectrum. Some of the difficulties of this can include learning about perspective and other social concepts. So, the goal of Camp S.O.S, according to Speech Language Pathologist Cindy Carroll, was to “increase social success and friendship in both a clinic and community based setting.”


By the end of summer, many of the boys experienced great leaps in their social lives. We saw many of them reach out to get to know each other, as well as the environments they were in. Hopefully these friendships will last throughout the school year as they return to their daily routines. Many of the boys will be entering middle school and we can’t wait to hear how it goes for them! We’ll be kick-starting another Camp S.O.S next summer, and are getting a “Girl’s Group” going at the Village in the meantime!

Camp S.O.S. is a successful collaboration between ESD-105, Union Gap School District and Children’s Village. A new speech and language pathologist from Children’s Village and Yakima school district joined the team this time, with additional volunteer support from Children’s Village and Wapato School District. The collaboration and learning was wide spread around concepts that increase social success and friendship in both a clinic and community based setting. We look forward to next summer!

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