Cherished Memories of Mr. West Valley Pageant 2018

We cannot express how important the Mr. West Valley pageant is to our family. My father-in-law, Dennis Cline walked on stage with Tanner as his hero. Tanner was able to give his hero tribute in front of hundreds of friends and family before he was crowned Mr. West Valley 2018. Sadly, on Friday, March 9, Dennis passed away suddenly. The joy that the entire event brought to our family, including all of the funds all the boys raised for Children’s Village, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and pediatrics, mean more to us than anyone could ever imagine.

Our whole family cherishes the Mr. West Valley pageant even more since it was like a final good bye to our father, grandfather and great grandfather. Tanner understands what a gift it was to be able to tell his grandfather how he felt on the stage that night. Most people don’t get to say good bye in such a meaningful way, even though we didn’t know it was good bye at that moment.

Having our niece, Amaya, be Tanner’s child buddy in the pageant as well was very special to our entire family.  Amaya is a Children’s Village kid who has grown, developed, and blossomed because of so many of the programs and therapies she has received at Children’s Village.

Decades ago my in-laws lost a premature daughter. Knowing the Virginia Mason Memorial Neonatal Intensive Care Unit facilities, programs and caregivers are available for Yakima and the surrounding region is truly a gift.

We are honored to share our little part of the big story that is Virginia Mason Memorial, the YouthWorks program through The Memorial Foundation, and the Mr. West Valley pageant. Thank you for letting our entire family be a part of such a wonderful event.


Kristine Cline

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