My Children’s Village experience, by Maria Armenta

As a sophomore in high school; I was given a list of different organizations that I would dedicate twenty (20) hours of community service to. At the bottom of this list was Children’s Village One2One Mentor program. I did not know exactly what it would mean to be a mentor, or even if I had what it would take to be a good one, but I signed up for the orientation anyway. As soon as I walked into the doors of what was then the Community Room; I fell in love.


The one thing I remember, and I will always remember, is that every single person in the room looked like they were genuinely happy to be there. And they were happy that we were there too. I thought to myself at this moment that it was the first place I had ever seen someone so happy while they were at work, and I wanted that to be me.


For the next few years I went to every event and activity that I could attend (Gymnastics, Basketball, Soccer, Ballet, Teen Club, CV Prom). I had grown to love my time at the Village so much that I surpassed the amount of community service hours that were required of me and I kept going. Kristi Messer was the first smiling face I saw at Children’s Village when I walked through the community room doors, and she was the person that told me about the Youth Works council that was being started. I applied to be a part of the Council, was accepted and served happily; always keeping in mind my ultimate goal to one day work at Children’s Village.


When I saw the job posting for a position in Early Intervention at Children’s Village, I jumped at the opportunity. I eagerly applied and anxiously waited for a call-back for an interview. The day I walked into the Village and immediately saw a familiar, smiling face; I knew I was back to where I should be. I now am part of the Children’s Village Staff with Early Intervention and continue my education towards becoming a Physician’s Assistant. I feel so blessed to be able to continue to be a part of such a wonderful organization with such passionate staff, and hope to continue my work at Children’s Village for years to come.

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