What goes on at Children’s Village? Find Out!

Have you ever wondered what goes on at Children’s Village? Who goes there and what happens once you get inside?

You might know that Children’s Village serves children with special health care needs or maybe you know someone who takes their child there for physical therapy or to the dentist.

But maybe you want to know more…and there IS so much more to learn about!

Join us for a FREE Lunch and Learn at Children’s Village on March 27th at 12pm in the Community Room at Children’s Village.

Hosted by Friends of the Village, a volunteer group, this event happens four times per year. Subjects vary each meeting but always highlight the important services Children’s Village provides our community.

Tuesday’s Lunch and Learn will focus on the Specialty Clinics Children’s Village provides. Physicians from Seattle Children’s Hospital as well as local specialists host office hours at Children’s Village to meet with patients and their families, preventing them from having to travel to Seattle to receive care.

This vital program serves hundreds of patients and their families each year. Join us to hear a wonderful presentation from Dr. Diane Liebe, Children’s Village Medical Director and Developmental Pediatrician.

For questions, call (509) 574-3209.

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