Children’s Village honors health care champions

Children’s Village (CV) has honored six champions of health care for children with special needs at the second, bi-annual Promise Awards.

The Promise Awards were created to honor those who help to fulfill the promise that no child will go without the vital services he or she needs – a vision that is becoming a lasting legacy at Children’s Village. The event is fashioned after the Oscar’s with nominees solicited from parents, staff, community leaders and CV advocates.  A board of key stakeholders selected the winners based on the number of votes/nominations they received.

There were 100 nominees overall. Six awards were distributed before a live audience Thursday evening:

  • Champion of Clinical Care – Family Medicine of Yakima and Dr. Amanda Ryder

The award, presented by the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, recognizes their work on the Medical Advisory Board and advocacy on behalf of Children’s Village for many years, as well as their work in Universal Developmental Screening in their clinic.

  • Outstanding Leadership in Children’s Health – Gail Weaver, retired and founding director of the Center for Child Health Services, among a number of leadership roles at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. Her advocacy work for many years on behalf of children’s health care and services and for children with special health care needs in the Yakima Valley earns recognition and this award, presented by Memorial Hospital.
  • Visionary Volunteer – Deb Broers, longtime Children’s Village volunteer. Parent to Parent is proud to recognize Broers for her countless hours spent painting murals and other works of art displayed in the dental clinic and throughout Children’s Village.
  • Corporate Community Energizer – Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and its stores and distribution center that serve Central Washington. Wal-Mart has been a partner in raising nearly a half-million dollars through the Children’s Miracle Network campaign each May and in educating our community about the importance of supporting Children’s Village. This award is fittingly presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.
  • Youth Engagement – Craig Lacy, leadership advisory, and Lucas Jaeger, special education director, West Valley High School. Both have devoted many years of service to raising awareness and funds for Children’s Village and for children’s health care overall, and Memorial YouthWorks recognizes their leadership with this award. Lacy also directs the Mr. West Valley program, while Jaeger organizes a special prom each year for students living with a special need.
  • Distinguished Philanthropist – Letty Ann Ginn, recognized posthumously by The Memorial Foundation for her early work as the Foundation board chairman who led the board to collectively amass $1 million among themselves to launch the campaign to build Children’s Village. She engaged several generations of her family to make gifts to the project, including covering the entire cost of the therapy pool and subsequently the Fetal Alcohol Clinic, and they sustain programs still. The scope of Letty Ann’s work included the development and launch of Children’s Village, its sustainment and the second campaign to double its capacity. Her leadership encompassed the entire Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees, including the gift of land by the Delmar Pearson family, also honored at the Promise Awards.

Proceeds of the Promise Awards event support programs and services at Children’s Village. For more information about Children’s Village, visit

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