Children’s Village Hosts State-wide Parent to Parent meeting

On September 15 and 16 our own Yakima County Parent to Parent program hosted a statewide Parent to Parent meeting.  Parent to Parent is a network of support programs available in many counties throughout Washington State.  Over 35 parent coordinators spent time together- learning, sharing and networking!   Highlights included:

Fabulous speakers from Children’s Village!  Director Jackie McPhee, Medical Director Diane Liebe, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Terri Allen all shared about the “value of Parent to Parent from a providers perspective”.  Seattle Children’s Hospital staff, Lawrie Williams and Lyn Kratz, spoke about current challenges and helpful strategies for Parent to Parent programs.  Susan Ray from the Department of Health shared information about Washington State Children with Special Health Care Needs program.  In addition, coordinators attended a Helping Parent training and also leadership training. Special thanks goes to Sandra Linde and the Sunnyside Community Hospital for providing gift bags for every guest.  Also, much appreciation goes to Yakima County Parent to Parent staff who created an amazing and memorable weekend for guests.

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