Children’s Village has made an impact in her life…

untitled“I walked into the doors of Children’s Village nearly 15 years ago and knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing place.  I wanted to help families get connected by “crossing the bridge” to resources to benefit the whole family.  As a sibling of a brother with cerebral palsy, I know what trials and tribulations the entire family goes through with every stage of life.  There really is no moment and no transition in life that doesn’t require more focused, detailed attention when you have a family member with a disability.  As a physical therapist here – I hope to do what I can to help children explore their worlds, by rolling, crawling, walking or rolling with wheels!  I am inspired every day to come to work- joining families on their journeys, supporting, connecting to resources for the parents, the siblings, and the child to improve their journeys!  Every individual that works here has such a commitment and their passion is unsurmountable.  I believe in Children’s Village and how much we can do to continue (and improve) on how we support children with special needs and their entire family.” 


– by Karla Pezzarossi, Children’s Village Physical Therapist

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