Children’s Village Parent to Parent program attracts Royalty!

The reigning Miss Sunnyside, Madison Marquez, chose disability awareness and Kids on the Block as her platform. She, along with three members of her court, Vanessa Serna, Josie Marro, and Jenny Hall, preform skits with The Kids on the Block puppets at Sunnyside area elementary schools. The group received training from Parent to Parent staff in the areas of disability awareness and puppetry and is now ready to inform, entertain and inspire young children!

“Sometimes children can be judgmental of those who are different from them, other times they might be afraid to approach someone with a disability…however, anyone can become disabled as a result of various consequences. Some people are born with disabilities and it is important for children to understand them,” Miss Sunnyside, Madison Marquez said.

The purpose of The Kids on the Block (KOB) is to provide an educational puppet program which enlightens all children on the issues of disability awareness, medical/educational differences and social concerns. By extensively researching and developing relevant and timely topics, KOB addresses a wide range of issues that affect today’s children. KOB has a strong commitment to supplying communities around the world with programs that address children’s questions, concerns and needs about these issues. The type of education The Kids on the Block programs provide will help to create positive attitudinal and behavioral change for present and future generations. To learn more, visit .

Children’s Village Parent to Parent is thrilled to partner with Miss Sunnyside and her court to reach out to children in Sunnyside. To learn more about the Parent to Parent program visit the Children’s Village website at





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