Children’s Village, a reason to move to Yakima!

“We were living in  LaGrande, Oregon when I  told my son’s mental health provider that we were moving.  He immediately said that we needed to send our son to Children’s Village in Yakima, WA because he felt it was the best on the west coast for what my son needs.

I laughed and told him we were actually moving to Yakima. After arriving in Yakima, I got the privilege of getting a job at Memorial Family of Services. This was not the first time I heard about Children’s Village, many people in Oregon know about it and talk about what a wonderful place it is for children with special healthcare needs.

When we were looking for jobs, we knew we wanted to find jobs that would allow us to live near Children’s Village. We have given up trees and the beauty of LaGrande, Oregon, but for our son and his needs, it was well worth it!  We are excited to be here in the Yakima valley, work for Memorial and be a Friend of the Village.”


Michelle Key

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