Children’s Village Sib Shops Hearts

This month at Sibshops the kids were each given a box of candy conversation hearts and a colored piece of paper with a heart on it. The instructions were for each of them to write their own conversation heart – the kind they would most like to receive from their sibling with special needs.  It was really neat to see the kids take off and write down what they would like to hear from their sibs.

When we did sharing some of the kids who have had a hard time doing so suddenly were able to share things that they haven’t before. Some of the things they shared weren’t even about them, it was about what they wished their sib could say to their parents. There were a few that wished their sib could say “Mom” or “Dad”. Other kids wished their siblings could say “Thank you for helping me…”

For anyone who helps support Children’s Village, and Sibshops, the coordinators of this special program THANK YOU from the bottom of their hearts. 

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