Children’s Village Test Flight

Group Picture in front of the plane DSCN0128 DSCN0168 DSCN0117 DSCN0041 DSCN0062On Saturday, July 16th 23 Children’s Village kids and siblings participated in an amazing experience at the Yakima Airport. Alaska Airlines gave the children and their families the experience of departing, boarding and of course waiting for the plane to arrive.

The children began with walking through the doors and standing in line to receive their tickets. They then found the line for the TSA check. The children had to remove all metal (belts, watches and phones) and their shoes, then walk through the scanner. Once through the scanner the children played a game we all play when taking a flight, the waiting game. The kids colored airplanes to help pass the time.

This event gave parents and children the opportunity to see how their child would react in an airport setting. Giving the parents an opportunity to see what “tools” their children may need to fly. One of the best parts of this event was having the children wait for the plane to land, increasing their level of patience. Many of these families have never been on a plane or even to an airport.

Once the plane landed the children gathered in another line and waited to board. We had a few of our children that use wheelchairs and they were able to experience how a wheel chair user would board a plane.

After everyone was on board and seated, they closed the doors and started the engines. The Flight attendants were amazing, they gave the full show of exits, food options, and other required information given before every take off.

Next, to the children’s surprise, we began to taxi the run way. The children got to feel what it was like to sit in a moving airplane. After we arrived back at the terminal the children continued to show proper and respectful plane etiquette and de-boarding procedure.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff at Yakima Airport, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air and TSA for their time and support. This was an experience the children and their parents will never forget and has opened up a great opportunity for families to travel.


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