Christmas Open House 2018

            On December 15, 2018, Children’s Village held its annual Christmas open house.  As the children arrived, they were greeted by “Edward the Elf”, who took pictures with them and referred them over to Santa Claus.  There were also cookies being decorated and a fishing booth for the children coming in.

            On the upper and lower levels, there were Christmas decorations being made including Christmas tree stick puppets and snowflake ornaments.  The staff members were always very helpful in giving instructions in that they were specific enough while at the same time, explaining in a way that the children could understand.  The children were excited and enthusiastic when coming through the doors of the crafting rooms.

            In the snowflake ornament room, the staff members strongly encouraged the children’s creativity.  One boy was very artistic and mixed different colors of glitter glue together.  On the other hand, a set of twins also attended and wanted to put much of the same decorations on their ornaments as the other.  However, they too experimented with different glitter glue, asking themselves and the staff what colors certain combinations would make.

            This holiday experience demonstrates the appreciation the Children’s Village staff members have for individuality and creativity.  It was obvious that the children were made to feel that their ideas and innovation could make something beautiful to be enjoyed by everyone.  Because all of the children there were different from each other (even the twins), no two crafts looked the same, like real snowflakes.  This actually captures the true heart of Children’s Village perfectly.  Everyone’s special, therefore, whatever they create is special as well.

Many thanks to the sponsors and volunteers that made our event possible: Florence Wight Guild, Rob and Tara Mize, one 2 one mentors, Youthworks, Children’s Village volunteers, East Valley Boys Pageant Contestants, Miss Yakima County Royalty and East Valley Royalty, Children’s Village staff and their family members, and of course, ‘Edward’ the Elf and Santa!


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