Comic Con at Children’s Village

Ruby n Disney FiguresComic Con was a smashing success!  Children from Children’s Village came in costumes, ranging from their favorite hero, villain, princess or movie character. Some children were painted from head to toe, a myriad of capes and masks filled the barn.

The stations were as different as the kid’s costumes. There was a table filled with Pokemon figures and binders full of cards, which the children got to flip through and ask experts what each character was. Next to that was a table covered in different figurines from Disney movies including Zootopia, Finding Dory, all the Princesses, Star Wars, and more.

Lanie n PokemonThere was a table laden with action figures from the DC and the Marvel Universe, which the children got to play with. Making them crash and bash into each other was an exciting part of the c omic con. The Lego area was one of the most popular tables, where children could sit down and build and create whatever they wanted. The kid’s got to experience what POGS were and how the game was played. At the craft table, they created superhero puppets and made their own comic books.

By far the coolest attraction had to be the Cosplayers from Nerdfest Northwest (people who dress up in costumes for the fun of it!)  There was a Storm Trooper, Obi Wan Kinobi, a Ghost Buster, and more. Almost every child wanted a picture with at least one of them and held their props, which lit up and made sounds. The children were fascinated by the real life characters.

We here at Children’s Village would like to extend an enormous thank you to the volunteers and to those who let us borrow their awesome collectables.Coven n Comic BookNevaeh n BriellePhillip n Draco

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