A Commitment for Children: Key Bank

Greg Loudon is the kind of volunteer every non-profit wishes for. He knows Children’s Village inside and out.

And it’s not just because his wife used to work for the Village as a family resource coordinator or because his daughter has received services. It’s not even because his employer, Key Bank, is a dedicated donor to the Village.

Greg Loudon knows Children’s Village inside and out because he cares deeply about children with special health care needs and their families. He is passionate about making sure families from around the Valley have access to the care and services they require.

“From a community service perspective, I see not only the value, but the impact on our community,” Greg said. “So many positives come from having the Village, how can I not support it?”

When Key Bank decided to double their gift to the Village Capital Campaign from $25,000 to $50,000, Greg was thrilled to provide Key Bank executives and members from the Key Bank Foundation with personal tours of Children’s Village.

As a ‘Friend of the Village,’ Greg is an active donor and supporter, helping to spread the good news about services, events and resources for children and families in the Yakima Valley.

Father, husband, donor, volunteer, and advocate. Just who we need spreading the word.

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