Our Community Changes Lives Through Cape Horn

cape-horn-logoOn Wednesday, December 11th, Cape Horn for Kids came to a close. Altogether, over $16,000 was raised! Once again, our community came forward to support a worthy cause (benefitting child healthcare services and programs at Children’s Village), and as a result, thousands of our neighbors will have their lives touched in a way that is meaningful and everlasting. This is philanthropy at its finest!


The stories of the children were compelling – each child unique from one another, though united in their will to overcome incredible obstacles at such young ages. And, as was illustrated, the progress that they’ve made, and will continue making, is an affirmation of the positive outcomes that stem from the generosity of a community who believes in building (and keeping) a healthy, vital Yakima for everyone who lives here.


chThe lives of Angel, Lily, Derrius, Ava, Amelia, and Aubrey, as well as their families, have been forever changed by the programs and services that are available at Yakima’s Children’s Village – and the programs and services that have made such an extraordinary difference to them at Yakima’s Children’s Village are available because you have made them available. It couldn’t happen without people like Bill Dolsen – people like you!


We’d like to welcome Mr. Dolsen back to Yakima, and to also thank him for choosing to host this wonderful event to support the life changing programs and services at Children’s Village that help improve the lives of so many throughout our community. We’d also like to thank everyone who made a contribution to the Cape Horn for Kids event. Be assured that every gift, regardless of size, will make an impact on the life of a local child in some way.


We’re truly blessed to live in such a generous community – thank you so much! You make all the difference!

To learn more about how you can host a fundraising event for a particular initiative, or service, of Memorial, please visit http://www.memfound.org/get-involved-host-an-event.asp

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