Creating Connections Throughout the Valley

The Valley Parents group, a Parent to Parent support network has a new look and feel for the New Year!

Started over 15 years ago, this monthly group provides support connections and learning opportunities for parents and caregivers raising children with special needs.

In 2012, meetings will have a specific “disability focus.”   For example, the January meeting, held on the 3rd, was dedicated to families raising children with Down syndrome.  Genetic Counselor Kiana Siefkas joined the group for a discussion about genetics and resources for families raising children with Down syndrome.   Additional groups this year will focus on Cerebral Palsy (and other physical disabilities) and general meetings which will be open, or non-diagnosis specific.

For families raising children with Autism spectrum disorder and other behavioral disorders, Parent to Parent’s monthly Autism support group continues to meet at Children’s Village.

Sharing groups are a great way for parents and caregivers to get connected, feel supported, and learn about valuable resources. Check out the Parent to Parent newsletter for upcoming events and meetings or swing by the Parent to Parent office at Children’s Village any time for a schedule.

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