Dalia’s Day at the Village

 On November 11, 2018, Christine and her daughter Dahlia arrived at Children’s Village. They were going to see Alison for Dahlia’s physical therapy.  Dahlia is eleven years old and has cerebral palsy.  When they came to Alison’s office, she greeted them with a nice, loud voice, displaying enthusiasm and excitement at catching up with the family.

                During the appointment, Alison did an excellent job at explaining things to Dahlia in a way that she understood.  For instance, when Dahlia and her mother asked, Alison demonstrated some of the exercises that she had been having Dahlia practice and why each one was effective for strengthening her legs.  Alison was also very personal and friendly with Dahlia; she remembered with her mother when Dahlia first came into her office at the age of 1 ½.  She was good-humored and not stern with Dahlia when she and her mother admitted to her forgetting to wear her brace the night before, while still emphasizing that the brace was important to wear.

                Lastly, Alison was able to get Dahlia excited about changing braces for surgery.  Dahlia liked the fact that she had several choices.  The three braces she picked were a brace with a galaxy pattern on it, a brace with cats, and a solid yellow brace.

                Alison is an example of the patience and compassion that Village staff have for the children who come in.  They go out of their way to make the children feel good about themselves, even on days where they feel anxious and unsure.   At the same time, they make sure to explain what needs to be addressed in a way that makes children comfortable and excited about being at the Village.   

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