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Our Farm is a special place within the Village that celebrates the contributions of the agricultural industry for its dedication to helping children. “We’ve always had great support from the agricultural community,” Dr. Jim Haven, Campaign Chair said. “And this was one way we could honor their generosity.” The agricultural community continues to bring new commitments of support every week. Gifts are honored throughout the Village in various ways: There are beautiful fruit labels custom made for each donor, or mailboxes with names on them, or special signage.

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“Miracle Signs” are going up every day on Miracle Street in the Children’s Village – These represent gifts of $25,000&up (many pledge over 5 years,) from Corporations and organizations. “Every gift is critical to the campaign and by honoring them here children and families are constantly reminded that the community is pulling for them!”

Proudly, over 65 members have joined the We Believe 200 campaign so far. The We Believe campaign is for individuals or families who want to commit $5,000 to Children’s Village, which can be paid over five years. Another opportunity with We Believe is to host a Party with a Purpose. These parties are a gathering of friends and colleagues joining forces to donate $25,000. If just 200 members commit to the campaign, the final $1 million can be raised.

We’d love to tell you about all the ways you can help! For more information about We Believe 200, or any part of the Children’s Village Campaign call (509) 576-5794.

Click here to donate now!

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  1. Katie Trammell says:

    As the YouthWorks initiative gears up for another exciting year of fundraising for Children’s Village, it’s great to see all of the transformations that are taking place not only with the expasion of the village building but also the programs expanding within the village to reach more families in need. YouthWorks is all about “kids helping kids.” Since 1997 high school students have raised over $400,000 for Children’s Village programs…incredible! These students know that Children’s Village is a magical place that Yakima is lucky to have. Children’s Village is a place of comfort, hope, and support for so many families throughout our region. And, even in tough economic times we believe it will thrive just as it always has. Thank you to all who have made the village what it is today and YouthWorks is excited to continue to be apart of it’s future.

  2. Anne Caffery says:

    This year several of our Legislators teamed up to help with the campaign to expand Children’s Village. Last week they visited, and one of them, with tears in his eyes, said, “If this is the only thing I accomplish in my legislative career I will be fulfilled.” There wasn’t a dry eye.

  3. Trisha Bellah says:

    It is a joy to go to work each day to a place that brings so much to families. I feel lucky to be able to be part of a team that assists parents, siblings, and children with special needs. Often, when I am in the community and wearing my name badge, people have commented to me, “You work at Children’s Village? That’s a cool place.” And I am happy to reply, “Yes, yes it is.”

  4. Ed Reinhart says:

    The Children’s Village is a living testament of what can happen when a group of dedicated individuals come together for a single purpose. It is the crown jewel of our community and we all have a responsibility to make sure it continues to not only attract the best people to work there..but to continue its service to the children of this Valley. I use my bike ride from Seattle to Portland each year to raise awareness and raise critical fund to continue its goal. Over 450 miles logged and over $20,000 in donations….let’s keep it going Yakima.
    Ed Reinhart

    • Anne Caffery says:

      Ed, you were one of the early believers. And your bike ride is the biggest belief statement I can think of. You are working your way to your very own Miracle sign on Miracle Street!!

  5. Jackie McPhee says:

    Children’s Village is an amazing place but more important than a place – it is about people! It is about the families who come to Children’s Village for services and the caring people who work here. For me personally it is a dream come true. I was privileged to be a part of the inital planning to create this model. I have watched us grow and have celebrated our successes. Everyday I feel the joy of being a part of a vision that supports families who have children with special health care needs. Thank you.

  6. Diane Liebe, MD says:

    Walking into Children’s Village this morning, I had my first look at the “Wagon” that will serve as our new registration site. It is creative and fun, and reminds me of why children love to come to Children’s Village. Having worked in more traditional medical settings, it refreshes me to see the happiness of children as they come to the Village, as if seeking medical/dental care is just fun! Children’s Village IS a special place for Special Children and their families!

  7. Tracie Hoppis says:

    I’m happy to report that “life on the farm” is grand! Parent to Parent’s office is now located in the new “farm” wing at Children’s Village. The Parent to Parent team (Tracie, Maria, Marla, Kristi and MaryLynne) has settled into our new space and made it home. We have windows (!) and also a semi-private room to meet with parents (a dream come true as we often have the special opportunity to talk with parents and care-givers who are on this journey of raising a child with special needs… and needing a little support and encouragement along the way!). WHAT a priveledge to be part of this very special place- involved with AMAZING children and families every day! Thank you to the generous and committed individuals throughout our Valley for helping us to grow Children’s Village- you share in the gift of watching our children and families grow as we continue to offer supportive services each and every day!

  8. TJ Martin says:

    I’m a parent of a very special youngster who receives multiple services at Children’s Village. We would be driving to Seattle Children’s Hospital WEEKLY without CV. The staff, from the gal at the front desk to the housekeeping crew with some therapists thrown in between, are just wonderful. Genuinely nice. The services we receive is absolutely top notch. We are getting genetic testing for our son done at CV instead of going to Seattle. How cool is that? I could go on and on, but I will end with this. Thank you to all the staff, donaters, businesses, and individuals who make Children’s Village what it is!

  9. TJ Martin says:

    Oops, forgot one HUGE thing! Parent to Parent! I had no idea all of the opportunity that our special kids have in our community. And I would still be in the dark without P2P. My son was able to participate in so many events, from the Bears Games to the mini basketball clinic. None would have been possible with out P2P. Thank you so much for going beyond “therapy” and helping my son and family actively participate in our community.

  10. Michelle Ward says:

    I’m so grateful for the “Holland” group I’ve had the opportunity to attend. It’s a wonderful weekly support group for Mom’s with children who’ve recently received a new diagnosis. I didn’t realize how much I needed the support from other Moms. And Tracie Hoppis was an amazing facilitator! Huge thanks to her!! My family has also very much enjoyed the one 2 one program. The summer activities, Bears game, and now soccer. Such fun, non-competitive, supportive activities where our kids can thrive. I love Parent to Parent and look forward to attending more of those meetings. And thank heavens for the amazing child care that is available! It makes the myriad of appointments we go to so much easier, not having to find a babysitter for my younger children each time. And my little ones just love to be with Rosie! And through it all, I’ve been so grateful for Dr. Liebe. She is so knowledgeable and patient, truly listens and has a heart of gold. Thanks to all the therapists and secretaries – thank you Children’s Village!

  11. Kristi Messer says:

    Since joining the Parent to Parent team a few years back, every day at the Village is an absolute joy. I love to say “I get to go to work today” and begin planning the next one2one event with my cherished friend, Marla. From sports and holiday festivals to dance, gymnastics and Prom, I am living in our communities “magic bubble” as I like to call it. Everyone under the Village roof has one common goal: care, support and work hard on making miracles happen every day. Every once in a while, a family will walk through the P2P door with a glazed expression on their face. We know it’s the moment, the day they received a diagnosis that has forever changed their lives. And that’s where the jouney begins. Just to listen, understand, care and reassure that parent that we will be here for the duration, what-ever it takes, seems to somehow keep them breathing.
    A couple of days ago after a family had left our office, I asked Tracie a little about them and as she began to share I thought I might stop breathing. I felt grief beyond belief and it wasn’t even my own. After years of facilitating joyous events I was stopped in my tracks. I said “Tracie. Maybe I’m not cut out for this job.” As we all know, Tracie has a nature that seems to soften any blow with just the expression on her face. I began to really think about what I am doing here and realized it truly is right where I want to be. Beyond all the laughter, fun, smiles and joy I see every day, every family I have the privelidge to know and support in some way has experienced that moment.
    There could be no better place than Children’s Village to experience that moment. We start that journey and move forward together. Brighter days are straight ahead.

  12. Lori Garcia says:

    I was privileged to be a part of the Parent to Parent Holland Support Group this last session. The Holland Group is for moms adjusting to a new diagnosis for their child. As a Family Resource Coordinator, I’ve gained so much perspective from all the moms. I learned how important it is to slow down, listen, and just listen. Often times we (providers) are rushed by timelines and paperwork but in all reality if we want to build a partnership with a family we need to stop and listen and with time we will gain all the pertinent information we need. The ladies in Holland are extraordinary and strong. They transformed right in front of us. The opportunity and ability to honestly share your true feelings is uplifting and encouraging. This group is a great outlet for moms and I’m so glad that we are able to provide this much needed service at Children’s Village. I look forward to the opportunity to faciliate a Spanish speaking Holland Group one day!!

  13. John Mahaney & sons says:

    I have been a part of the village for many years. Although Mark is now 27 and Devon 24 the bonds formed have not been lost because of age. Children’s Village and the Parent 2 Parent program have been and still are an essential part of our lives. The support and care my children have received is immeasurable. The realistic outcome from Children’s Village and the Parent 2 Parent program is growth. So many parents of children with developmental disabilities feel isolated. Not knowing where to turn or what to expect, secluded, a drift on an enormous sea of fear and the unknown. Parent 2 Parent is a tether on those raging seas. Connecting with other parents who have or are living a similar life as you, shedding light, showing how they are navigating obstacles and challenges. The growth this parent has gained from Parent 2 Parent is beyond measure. As the program is named, those who have voyaged similar seas, parlay practical knowledge, Parent 2 Parent.

  14. Ryan Messer says:

    An amazing testament to what can happen when you have a vision to provide for those that need it the most. That’s what Children’s Village is. A group of individuals and businesses realized our community lacked the full capability of caring for special needs children, and their families, and they did something about it. God bless them for it!

    My mother, step-father, aunt and grandmother all worked several years at Yakima Valley School. I saw that it took a special person to embrace and care for someone that wasn’t just like them. Thankfully there are many, and Children’s Village has found them.

    I crossed the bridge to the Village for the first time in 2002, three years before my eldest child was born. I had no idea what they offered or how much of a need our community had. I was truly awestruck, not just of the facility, but everyone inside. There were children playing in the lobby with their families. I’m not sure if they were unaware of the fact they were about to see a doctor, nurse or specialist or if they were elated. Regardless, I knew this place was special.

    No child’s diagnosis is exactly like another, yet everyone there made these children and their families feel equally important. I have friends that are parents of down syndrome children, and others dealing with autism. I couldn’t be happier than I am that the services they need are available right here where we live. I cannot fathom what some of them have been through, nor how they continue to do it on a daily basis. What I can do for them, and the thousands like them in Central Washington, is my little part to help ensure Children’s Village is there to care for every person who needs it.

    My wife and I made a commitment to support the expansion of Children’s Village over a year ago. I have taken a tour nearly every month to witness this incredible transformation and learn how I can do more. I implore you to do the same. Set an appointment for a tour and see for yourself the magic that happens there on a daily basis. You’ll be just as inspired as we were to give, and to help provide the highest level of care for these families that we demand for our own.

  15. Cindy Carroll says:

    My heart has been full and humbled on this snowy winter day as I take time to reflect upon services in our community for children and families who experience autism in Yakima. It is a pleasure to watch relationships take place that may have been nurtured, fostered and cared for through activities that Children’s Village provides.
    A young boy who started in Early Intervention, spent 1 1/2 years in the Collaborative Training classroom and then transitioned to his local school district just stopped by the Village to pay us a social call. His family is still active in Parent to Parent services. He is now 5 1/2 years old. He came to share some cookies and an award he recieved at school. STUDENT OF THE MONTH!
    The joy on his mother’s face and the gleam in this young boy’s eye just further solidifies the beauty of Children’s Village. Through early identification, appropriate services, and partners within our community, lives are changed.
    I am honored to be part of programs that offer opportunities for growth and expansion. The Village is a place that is constantly moving in response to the needs of the people of Yakima county. It is a dynamic entity driven towards positive change for our community. I am so blessed to be a part of this strengths based model and look forward to the future. I can’t wait to see where it leads us next!

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