A Dream Come True: It would be my dream to be at Children’s Village

Taking a break from my career in the medical field to be a stay at home mom at the birth of our son was an incredible blessing.  However, I knew eventually I would return to the work force.

In 1997, in the middle of my “sabbatical”, I learned about the opening of a facility in Yakima called Children’s Village.  I attended the community open house and was intrigued by the building and more importantly, the concept of a place which would provide on-going support to families of children with special needs.  I remember telling my husband “If I go back to work one day, it would be my dream to be at Children’s Village”.

Fast forward to 2013 – my tenth year at the Village.  My life is richer because of the children and families I have had the privilege to meet.

Walk through the doors at Children’s Village – your life will never be the same!

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