Early Learning Center at Children’s Village

On November 15, 2018, J.J., Jessey, and Matthew visited the Early Learning Center at Children’s Village while their parents took their siblings to various appointments.  Matthew was content to simply wander around the back of the room and play with different toys, while J.J. and Jessey hung out at the table and talked with Stacy, the child care supervisor.  At first, Jessey was quiet and pensive and didn’t want to do much, but eventually decided to build a structure with the magnetic blocks.

            Meanwhile, J.J. was solving a jigsaw puzzle that had dinosaurs on it and talking to Stacy about her love for the “Land Before Time” series.  She even told Stacy that she once had a dream that she was a long-neck like Little Foot.  When Jessey left to go with his parents, J.J. took over the construction of the building that Jessey had started.  She put her baby doll inside and built walls around her.  Stacy was a good sport and played along when J.J. told her that the baby doll was taking a nap, even apologizing when she spoke “too loudly” and J.J. had to shush her.

            This experience shows how accepting and non-judgmental the childcare staff are and how understanding they are to the different dispositions of the children.  The Early Learning Center is a special place at Children’s Village for children and their siblings

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