Empowering young women to be the best mothers they can be

Here is a link to a great video produced by the Duke Endowment about a client in Nurse Family Partnership. When I listen to this story, I am thankful for the young women in our community; with goals of being the best mom they can be and to provide a better life for their children; I am thankful for the team of nurses; for every minute they give to the young women and children in our community; I am thankful for Children’s Village; where a collaborative, evidence-based program can be implemented with quality and integrity, and continues to flourish.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzpTKgG5Y1g

Yakima County Nurse Family Partnership is an evidence-based nurse home visiting program for first time moms at Children’s Village. It has over three decades of research, proving that it is effective. At its heart, the program empowers young women to change their families’ lives for the better.

The 3 primary goals of Nurse Family Partnership are:
• Improve pregnancy outcomes by helping women engage in good preventive health practices.
• Improve child health and development.
• Improve the economic self sufficiency of the family by helping parents develop a vision for their own future, plan future pregnancies, continue their education and find work.

Written by: Marilyn VanOostrum RN, BSN, Nurse Supervisor

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