Now enrolling families for DDA Individual & Family Service Waivers!


If your son or daughter is a client of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and not receiving a paid service, they may be eligible to receive a broad array of services and supports through the Individual & Family Services (IFS) waiver.

Some important things to know about this service:

  • The Child must be over the age of 3 and eligible for DDA (includes intellectual delay)
  • Family income is not considered
  • Includes 4 different annual funding levels (determined by assessed need) which can pay for a number of different kinds of services/supports (see flyer)
  • With this Waiver, families can receive in-home support (through a caregiver) and respite care!
  • Includes MEDICAID (!!!) So, a family could have private insurance AND Medicaid (provided through this Waiver), thus having no out-of-pocket expense for their child’s health care needs.  With private insurance, and Medicaid, families can apply for the Washington State Medicaid Premium Payment Program.  If eligible, Medicaid PAYS monthly private insurance premiums.   Visit this link for more information:

Learn more about this service here »

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