Equine Assisted Education

The NYU Langone Dental Medicine Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry residents, who provide dental care to children at Children’s Village Pediatric Dentistry and YVFWC Lincoln Avenue Pediatric Dentistry, and the Children’s Village pediatric dentists had the opportunity to participate in a unique training opportunity on Saturday April 14, 2018.

The training took place at the Pegasus Project and was facilitated by Sue Moore of Chava Naturals’ Medicine and Horsemanship Program (https://www.chavanaturals.com/pages/horse-assisted-education-events) who is a certified equine educator and organizational development coach. She and the horses of the Pegasus Project facilitated an experiential learning opportunity to help the pediatric dental residents and pediatric dentists develop their non-verbal communication and leadership skills. Fostering non-verbal communication is particularly important given that many of the children who receive dental care at Children’s Village communicate non-verbally.

This experience was made possible by the generosity of Wells Fargo, The Memorial Foundation, the Pegasus Project, and Chava Naturals’ Medicine and Horsemanship Program. The training the pediatric dental residents and pediatric dentists received will allow them to continue to provide high quality, child- and family-centered care to all children in the Yakima Valley.

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