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Parents share their inspiring stories

“Eight-year-old David Miller couldn’t have been happier when he came to the summer kids club’s Kwik Lok Craft Day at Children’s Village on July 8. Having been in the kids club two years ago, David was glad to come back.

At the craft day, he and the other children glued plastic bread clips on a piece of paper. Each person used their clip as a head. Then, they drew outfitted stick figures to create their own characters. People also decorated water bottles. In those bottles, each kid added food coloring, glitter, and beads into the clear liquid. Other activities included hula-hooping, chalk drawing on the sidewalk, and eating popsicles.

Of all the things to explore at Kwik Lok Craft Day, a small fan caught David’s attention. David had borrowed it from one of the leaders; he had a hard time letting go of it. Although the young boy loves to interact with his peers at kids club, his mother Margaret says that he likes to wander and have his space as well.

David was diagnosed with autism right before his third birthday. By the time he was four, his loving and determined family seeked help from the Village. To achieve this, they joined the Holland and Parent to Parent support groups. There, Margaret shared the obstacles she faces  in raising a special needs child.

“When you reveal that to people outside of the special needs circle, they look at you like you are evil,” Margaret says. “Special needs parents just accept you as one of their own.”

David’s parents weren’t the only ones to find acceptance, for their son joined the One 2 One recreation program for special needs children. One 2 One allowed David to be himself without being judged. Meanwhile, he learned communication and social skills at the Village’s friendship classes. The summer kids club though, has given David the social outlet he needs. According to his mother, people can no longer tell that he has autism. David’s family does not have to think about a meltdown being triggered in public, especially when attending a holiday event.

This fall, David will be in third grade. But for now, the Miller family hopes to continue his involvement in both the Village and its summer kids club; the Kwik Lok Craft Day is just a start.”


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