A family’s story


After 2 years of health and normal growth, our pediatrician heard something while listening to our daughter’s heartbeat.  While not alarmed, she did recommend that we run an EKG test just to be sure.  We took our daughter to have the test done.  After not hearing anything back for a month, we assumed that everything had gone fine.  We then received a notice in the mail that we needed to schedule an appointment at Children’s Village.  No parent wants to receive this news.  Nobody wants to see a child’s future put at risk.  My wife and I sweated and worried for three days while we waited.


On the day of the appointment, we watched our daughter have fun at Children’s Village.  The waiting area had lots of activities to keep her occupied.  The nurse took us back to the exam rooms and pointed out the murals and toys to Piper to keep her engaged.  Piper was the one to notice the animal footprints on the ceiling in the exam room.  After a short wait, a brief medical history, and an examination, the specialist informed us that our daughter did have a murmur, but that it was nothing that was affecting her and like her mother, shewould probably grow out of it.  Piper was very excited to be allowed to select a toy after the exam.  My wife and I were excited to hear the good news.

Children’s Village provided a service to us that didn’t change our lives, but it did improve it.  Had this facility not been here, we would have had to travel to Seattle.  I don’t know if you’ve taken a two-year-old child to Seattle for a 30-minute appointment and then gotten in the car and headed home.  I’m fortunate enough to say that I have not.  This facility was available to provide the services my family needed in a location that is convenient for us.


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