Finding Our Community


Jack Reeves (left) and his mentor Micah show off his Lego skills at the Children’s Village Talent/Hobby Show.

Over five years ago Lisa Reeves and her family moved to the Yakima Valley. Leaving their familiar friends and support back home was hard enough, but entering a new environment with a 6-year-old son with special needs made them feel even more lost. They were in search of a support group—A home base and a place where they were not alone.

One visit to the doctor ended this search, as he wrote down a referral to Children’s Village. Their search may have ended, but a whole new journey had begun. Their son Jack began receiving diagnostic services, occupational therapy, behavioral treatment and genetic consultations. He also participated in Parent-to-Parent and One2One programs like Slug Bugs, Kid’s Camp and talent shows.


Lisa became involved in parent education groups and the Holland support group for mothers with children with special needs.


Lisa Reeves scrapbooking with other mothers at the Village

We have found our community,” Lisa shared. And indeed they have.

Children’s Village has become a place where they can feel at home.


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