The Firemen and the Grass Monsters

Written by: Mark Day

Cheers and shouts of joy echoed around the Village on Wednesday as little “Grass Monsters” dashed, ran, jumped and stood in the downpour (25 gallons a minute) of water being sprayed by fire hoses held by Yakima’s finest firefighters. A
s the massive fire engine dominated the scenery of Children’s Village, the Kid’s Club crew danced in the foreground with radiant, permanent, and dripping wet smiles.IMG_3332

“Who knew being sprayed by a hose could be so much fun?!” said one parent. As Kid’s Club came to its final Wednesday of the Summer, they spent their time here at the Village. What started off as safety presentations from the police department and Smokey Bear casually turned into being doused by water and exploring a real fire engine!

“No hugs” was not an option for these kiddos; as if my dryness was even more so an invitation for a water-soaked hug!

As I stood there, watching the main event, I couldn’t help but notice all-natural excitement. 30+ children with developmental disabilities and their siblings were all over the Village grass. Standing in the “rain”, playing with their peers, and waiting their turn in line to help the fire fighter soak their parents. With grass-covered backs, these “little grass monsters” (as the firefighters would say) brought an overwhelming joy to the Village, and the Valley.  As one parent shared…“So many continuous smiles in one spot!”

Special thanks to the Yakima Police and Fire Departments and the Naches Ranger Station!

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