Becoming a Friend of the Village

My best friend is raising a child with special needs. I watch as she mothers with grace, dignity and enthusiasm and I am in awe of her strength and inspired by her determination.

I watch as she and her husband celebrate their child’s milestones…the big ones and the little ones.

I ache for her as she struggles to make decisions on her child’s behalf, listening intently as she weighs the pros and cons of whatever decision is before her.

I also recognize that I don’t get it.

I can encourage, sympathize, listen and be there as much as possible, but I’m not in her shoes.

And because of that, I’m so grateful for Children’s Village. It’s not just a place where my friend and her child can access all the therapeutic and family services they need right here in our community, it’s also a place I can be involved in as well.

I am a Friend of the Village.

In essence, I get to be a goodwill ambassador for Children’s Village. I volunteer my time to help others in our community know about what’s happening with the Village. We host lunch events and facility tours and help put on a few fundraisers each year. And every bit of energy and every dime raised goes straight towards the programs and services my friend and her son access every week.

We need more people who love Children’s Village to become a ‘Friend.’ We invite anyone to check out our group and join us in making a difference in our community. Our first meeting of the year is this week, Tuesday August 28th at 5pm at Children’s Village. Join us.



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