Fun Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Voices of the Valley – Fun Sensory Activities for Toddlers

When I think of sensory activities, I can’t help but think of bins of macaroni and slimy stuff to put through your fingers. But there’s more to the senses then just touch; sight, smell, taste, touch, sound as well as movement.

The internet is a wealth of information and ideas to create sensory experiences for your children at home. The web site Hands on As We Grow is a wonderful resource.

These sensory activities are great for exploration, learning and using all different senses!

sensory activities


6 Sensory Activities for Toddlers

  1.  Water is one of the most basic sensory activities! Glimmer Snaps does outdoor learning adventures with water!
  2. Create With Your Hands also explore with their hands in shaving cream, a classic sensory activity, and makes shaving cream prints!
  3. Moon Sprig plays with peppermint and explores with their sense of smell and potentially taste!
  4. Play Through the Day is playing their way through the seasons with these autumn sensory bottles that work well for I spy and their sense of sight.
  5. A treasure hunt in the sand from Here Comes the Girls. A sensory activity that toddlers will love to dig their way through!
  6. Check out this spaghetti painting. Normally I see spaghetti painting with splatting and throwing of spaghetti. But this one, from Making Boys Men, the spaghetti is made into paintbrushes for the ultimate sensory experience!



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