The Gift of Pillow Pets

On the surface it is a simple moment of generosity, the gift of 20 pillow pets for kids at Children’s Village. But these small acts make a huge difference in the lives of children and families who come to Children’s Village.

An encouraging word from one parent to another, a pillow pet for a sick child, a kind practitioner willing to go the extra mile to do the research or try something new with a frightened or upset child, or the volunteer who gifts time and resources because they believe in the mission; what appears small in the moment has a ripple effect on so many.

The Youth Group from Open Heart Baptist church donated Pillow Pets to Children’s Village this summer to be donated to children going through a health crisis.

Last week, Tracie Hoppis, Parent to Parent Coordinator at Children’s Village, took a pink lady bug pillow to a CV patient currently hospitalized at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The patient soon found out she would be transported to Seattle Children’s Hospital and her new ‘friend’ was the comfort she needed to make the journey.

Thank you to Open Heart Baptist Church and to all the other families, volunteers, donors and providers who go out of their way to make a difference.


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