Girls group at Children’s Village provides friendships and social skills

This summer marked another first for Children’s Village as Speech Language Pathologist Cindy Carroll developed a new, weekly Girls Group. The small social group is a way for young girls to work on their pragmatic skills in school and daily life. Otherwise known as “social skills,” pragmatics involve the way people use language for the purpose of being social— and people with autism often have challenges.

The girls meet weekly to talk about social concepts and support each other in friendship. Visual supports are used to help talk about the different perspectives of other people. They also get to share stories, feelings and personal insights with each other in a safe environment. Often times, there is conversation about “mean people” at school and how to deal with them.

This summer, the girls made smoothies, drew pictures and played with clay. Throughout the school year they will be meeting on various afternoons and hope to try more activities such as art and cookie decorating.

If you know a young girl who is on the autism spectrum or struggling with pragmatic skills, call Children’s Village at (509) 574-3200 and ask how you can get involved.

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