A grateful father

At a recent home visit, this father shared his appreciation about the care his child is receiving. He has been having physical therapy for several months for delayed motor skills.

“Our physical therapist from Children’s Village  is wonderful!  Her personality…bubbly….good information…happy face.  She comes to our home and interacts with our child.  She shows me how he needs to stand and how to support him.  She’s really good at showing positions.  She demonstrates and then shows me how to do it.  She watches me do it and then makes suggestions.  She’s always bringing a new toy to interest him.  She communicates with him and talks to him.  I would feel comfortable with her helping any of my children.  She’s good at explaining why it is important to  do certain things with him and how it will help him.  The first time she came to our home, we worked on crawling.  She showed me how to put toys or his cup away so he had to crawl to get it…”


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