What is the Holland Support Group at Children’s Village?

By Lori Garcia, facilitator and Family Resource Coordinator at Children’s Village

A story about the impact of the Holland support groups at Children’s Village.

“The Spanish Holland Support Group is a group where many mothers share their everyday experiences and challenges with their child with special needs. One mom shared that she just wants to be able to go to church but her son will not sit during mass.  He just cries and the last time she went the priest asked the parents to keep their children quiet.  Needless to say, she did not return.  Support from other moms in this group supported her and provided strategies for helping her son sit through mass.  Another mom said she has been taking her child to Pegasus Project for weeks and her son just cries and refuses to get on the horse.  She also received support from the group and was encouraged not to give up.  Another mom was struggling with the transition of her son going to developmental preschool.  She was having a hard time because her son would leave on the bus crying.  On the seventh session, they all shared that their children were progressing so well that one mom has gone to church twice with her son. She changed her son’s behavior by talking to him about what they were going to do and then talked before going into church.  Another mother shared that on the fourth session of Pegasus Project her son simply got on the horse with no complaints.  She is so glad that she stuck with it.  And for another mom, her son went to school today without crying and just waved bye!”

Holland is a great way for moms to connect and share the journey of raising a child with special needs.  There is a morning, evening and Spanish group scheduled for this spring.  Also, once a parent graduates from Holland, Parent to Parent offers continued support opportunities each month through Holland Reunion groups.

For more information, contact: Tracie Hoppis, Child and Family Services Supervisor

(509)574-3200, traciehoppis@yvmh.org

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