‘Homies with Extra Chromies’ BBQ… for families raising children with Down syndrome!

Feeling alone is a very common feeling shared by many parents that are raising children with special needs. Some don’t know how to reach out for support, or even that support is available.  The Parent to Parent program at Children’s Village provides support for families in many different ways.

Last night our Homies with Extra Chromies  Down syndrome group met offsite for a BBQ. One of our families welcomed us into their home. I had the opportunity to see magic happen outside of Children’s Village. Kids were playing, parents were talking and laughing… it was awesome! These parents, children and families that didn’t even know each other a few years ago are now good friends!

Some feel that you should only come to a support group if you need support. The truth is you take turns giving and receiving support, often without realizing it, and find friendship along the way.

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