Honoring Amelia – For The Love of Dance

ameliawebMeet Amelia – today’s Cape Horn for Kids honoree. She was born with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome that causes physical disabilities and developmental delays. This doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves most, dancing. It was the One2One Mentoring Program at Children’s Village that helped her begin pursuing her love of dance with a class at The Yakima School of Ballet.

Here’s an introduction to her story:

Watching six-year-old Amelia Kloepfer proudly twirl and prance on stage during her first ballet recital was a momentous experience for the entire family. Dressed in a sweet pink tutu and hair pulled back into a tight bun, Amelia’s smile radiated throughout the entire auditorium.

You can read more of Amelia’s story by visiting the Cape Horn for Kids website at http://www.capehornforkids.org, and while you’re there, click on GIVE to make a contribution in support of Children’s Village so the very programs and services that have helped Amelia and her family can be sustained into the future so that they will be available to local children for generations to come.
Remember, it is the generous contributions, made by people like yourself, which sustain these programs and services at Children’s Village. Without you, they would not exist in our community.
You can help a local child, just like Amelia, right now – support Cape Horn for Kids today!
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