Izzy was born with Arthrogryposis

Izzy is 12 years old and in the 6th grade at Naches Valley Middle School.  She likes hip hop dance, choir, soccer and very busy for a young teenager.  One of her favorite activities is Rodeo.  She started at 3 years old with lead line, her dad would lead the horse as she rode on it.  Now she goes independently and this year, she is doing bigger rodeos!  Her goal is the Indian National Finals Rodeo.  She practices at the Toppenish CWRA Arena and at Hart ranch in Selah. 

Izzy was born with Arthrogryposis – which means some of her joints in her hands don’t move as much as normal and are bent in one position, but Izzy has super strong trunk and leg strength to help her do things that she does not have the hand strength to do.  As a baby, she was able to just pop up without the use of her hands, because she was so strong in her trunk and legs. 

Children’s Village Physical Therapist Karla Pezzarossi, along with a specialists from Seattle Children’s hospital  came to meet Izzy and her mom in the hospital when Izzy was just 2 days old.  She  had a tiny little splints for her hands at 2 weeks old, and received services at Children’s Village, working with Karla.  By the time she was 4 years old, she had figured out her own way to do most everything and “graduated” discharged from Children’s Village.  

Today, Izzy is back at Children’s Village, working with Occupational Therapist Debbie Sheppard on how to develop stronger hand and finger control, for tasks like buttoning and zipping clothing. Her biggest challenge is when she has hands-on activities at school, movements that require hands with her choir performances.  Sometimes other kids just don’t understand or know what to think about how she has to try to adapt.  Izzy’s mom is amazed at what she can do, she won’t be limited by what she can’t do!

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