Jennie Olsen

After traveling the world for a couple of years after college Naches native, Jennie Olson, returned home to her beloved Yakima Valley to spend some time with family and make a few plan for graduate studies.

Jennie’s older sister, Carin, regularly volunteers at Children’s Village and eagerly invited her to join her. While on a tour, program director Jackie McPhee told her, ‘go to nursing school.’

And so she did.

“I knew all along I wanted to do pediatrics,” Jennie said. “And because Carin is developmentally delayed, I had a special interest in working with children with developmental disabilities.”

Jennie completed a rigorous combined Registered Nurse/ Master’s in nursing program at Ohio State University and is a licensed Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners (NP) are Registered Nurses who complete extensive additional education.  NP’s hold national board certification in an area of specialty and are licensed or certified through the state.

Fast track to August 2010 and Jennie had completed her training and two, one-year fellowships in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Early Intervention Specialization. Armed with some serious education surrounding children with disabilities, Children’s Village and the Yakima Valley was just the right fit to serve the special children and families who cross the bridge at the Village.

“I am doing exactly what I envisioned doing with my education,” she said.

Three days a week, Jennie works in the Yakima Valley Farmworker’s specialty medical clinics, specifically with children who have developmental or behavioral needs. The other two days, Jennie works in Memorial Hospital’s Early Intervention program doing developmental evaluations, team assessments and the NICU follow-up clinic.

“The cool thing about my job is that it’s the ultimate collaboration. Organizations coming together to make sure a need is being met,” Jennie said. “And the best part is I work with great kids. And my sister, who still volunteers here, gets to tell everyone we work together.”




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