Why my job is so rewarding

By Maria Pulido

I would like to share one of the amazingly heartwarming moments that I often get to witness while working with the Educators in the Early Intervention program at Children’s Village.   This story is about a little guy who had a hard time with visual contact, did not like to give or receive hugs and was nonverbal when we first started seeing him in his home.

At our last home visit, after months of regularly scheduled visits, I was speaking with Cori the educator and the Mom and this little guy came up to me and looks me in the eye and says “Pizza. ”

I was so surprised that I turned to the Mom and asked if I had heard him correctly.   Mom’s response was “Yes, he has learned how to say pizza. ”  I then looked back at him and repeated the word back to him, he then repeated it back and we did this back and forth quite a few times.   As if that wasn’t enough confirmation that the collaboration between the parents and the Early Intervention Program can really make a huge difference in a child’s life.

Toward the end of our visit, as we were getting ready to say goodbye, the Mom mentioned to us that she had also been working on teaching him how to say “for you” and “for me”.  The Mom then called his name, he turned to look her in the eyes and repeated “for you” and then “for me” after the Mom modeled the words.    I was so excited to see to see how much progress this little one has made that I said “kisses” and blew him a kiss with my hand.   However, instead of “blowing” me  a kiss he puckered up and gave give me a kiss.   What a huge step towards progress ; not only is he giving us eye contact and imitating words but he even gave me a KISS!

Moments like this one; is what makes my job so rewarding!

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