A Journey to the Social World

My son Luis has been coming to Children’s Village for nearly nine years. He was nonverbal upon entering this facility. In fact, the only two words he knew were “Ma” and “Pa”.

Soon, Luis was diagnosed with autism. Children’s Village has helped him so much with therapy. Now, he is able to talk and carry a conversation with someone. But like anybody else, Luis has struggles. For instance, he is very shy and doesn’t like to go out in public. Even going to the grocery store feels like torture to him. So I brought him to last summer’s social skills camp.

This program encouraged my son to socialize and interact with people in the world. The camp also allowed him to play with the other children. I would like to thank the staff at Children’s Village for treating our family with respect. My husband and I do not speak English, but the Village still gave us the hospitality we needed. I am grateful for all that you do.

-Luis’s mom

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