Many thanks to our local Toys “R” Us!

Group Photo Toys R Us
Last Wednesday was an amazing, first time experience for more than a dozen of our kids and their siblings. The Staff at the Toys ‘R’ were gracious enough to open their doors before hours and allow our children in.

The children got to experience firsthand what it is like work at a toy store. The children began by heading to the storage room in the back, accompanied by staff members and gathered items/ toys, then took them back into the store floor and found their appropriate shelves and pegs.

IMG_3780Probably one of the favorite and most enjoyed jobs they had was the sorting of ALL the stuffed animals, they ooed and awed with every new soft, furry animal they picked up and pushed into the shelves. They continued to show one another and the staff the different animals with enormous smiles on their faces.

Next, they got  the opportunity to be tellers behind the register. Each child grabbed an item from the store and brought it back to the register, then rang each item up, before putting them back in their correct locations. The children were beyond jazzed to physically scan each items that they kept their receipts to show everybody that they ran the register!

The next station was the building of bicycles. The children got the hands on experience of putting a bike together. Without skipping a beat the children all huddled over a bike frame and began to assemble it piece by piece, working together with one another and the staff to bring the bike to sell ready standards.

IMG_3775After every child had been through each station the Toys ‘R’ Us staff gave every child and mentor a Toys ‘R’ Us T-shirt, amongst the sea of blue there was an abundance of cheerful smiles.

We at the Village would like to extend a huge Thank You out to Ryan Klopfer and his amazing team at Toys ‘R’ Usfor being so positive and welcoming to the children and showing them “the ropes” at the store.

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