What I love about working at the Village

by Children’s Village staff

  • Receiving a phone call from an anxious parent and connecting them to the right person to meet their need.
  • Having co-workers with expertise in an area I do not have who are willing to share their knowledge with me.
  • Watching children grow from babies to toddlers to adolescents; becoming all they will be because of parents, families and providers who love them and partner in their care.
  • Learning each day from the children that I see. Each child adds to my knowledge and wisdom of caring for children.
  • Working where so many different disciplines can work together, and share their perspective to help us all see things through others’ eyes.
  • Helping kids get moving, at Children’s Village I get to help children and their families realize movement they never realized they could get to.
  • Teaching parents every day how they can help their children and  how to better understand their child’s behavior so they can enjoy spending time with their child.
  • Working with the families and seeing the outcomes and growth in each child’s development.

. . . and a million other things!

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