Way to go, Manny!

2017-mannyManny recently enjoyed celebrating his birthday and actually ate some of his birthday cake!  This was a big accomplishment for Manny and cause for celebration for him and his family.

Thanks to the occupational therapy services he has received at Children’s Village, Manny has experienced several successes this past year.

Manny was born at only 26 weeks, weighing in at a tiny 2 lbs. 5 oz.  As a newborn, he received early intervention services at Children’s Village to help his developmental delays.  But then when he was six months old he had a serious lung issue and was rushed to the hospital with trouble swallowing and respiratory failure.  He survived this health crisis but needed a g-tube inserted into his stomach so that he could take in nutrition.  Since that time, Manny has been coming to Children’s Village to work with an occupational therapist to gain interest in eating solid food.  Manny thinks he is just coming to the Village to play, but actually he is gaining food acceptance and learning vital eating skills.

When he first started the therapy, he could not tolerate food textures and really had trouble transitioning from the feeding tube to eating by mouth.  With his therapist, he works on sensory therapy and acceptance of different food textures.

Recently Manny went to his mom and said, “tummy hungry”, and asked for food.  A real milestone!  He is touching different textures and has more acceptance of food.  His therapist has also helped his parents make changes and adjustments at home to help Manny to eat.

Today, we are happy to report that Manny is eating and doing great.  And, he’s enjoying his birthday cake!


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